I’ve long been aware of some holes in the arguments used to support complementarianism as it was defined in the circles I grew up in, but my efforts to discuss it have always been shut down, which limited the degree to which I could debate, prove, or disprove them, per Acts 17:11 and Proverbs 27:17.

I am writing this series to keep track of my research on the matter and to encourage discussion, so I don’t end up producing an echo chamber that’s stuck on what I want to believe. I started this series believing a form of complementarianism that’s more moderate than what I grew up in, and being dubious about egalitarianism.

Seriously, much of the series derives from: “Hmm…Let’s double-check word use and context on this verse. Okay, start a new blog post, write intro, quote verse, let’s go digging and write things down as I go…"

This approach means I don’t fully know where I’m headed. All I know is I want to follow the Scripture. If that ends up meaning I shouldn’t be teaching guys, so be it—I’ll retool this blog to be more “girly”. If that ends up meaning that Scripture supports female pastors, I’ll uneasily concede the point.

I currently don’t know where the line should be between egalitarianism and complementarianism, and that’s why I’m writing these posts and looking into the matter.

Have your own thoughts on the matter? Please feel free to join in! Just stay polite and kind—personal attacks and namecalling will not be tolerated.