A bit of background:

I first found this series back in 2011. I read it then, found it interesting though I didn’t agree entirely. At the time, I was trying to open a dialogue with my parents as a reasonable adult, since they and everyone was saying it was normal for parents to struggle with seeing you that way when you still lived with them. (Never mind that they actually got worse as I got older, but I think we all understand why, at this point.)

Anyway, I sent a link to my father, saying it was interesting. His response made clear 1. that he believed I agreed with it 100%, and 2. that he hadn’t actually read the series—he’d just seen the intro and made assumptions, shutting down any discussion with a “proof” that didn’t actually counter the series.

I tracked down that link in my e-mail and have read through it again, and it sounds much like commenter Muddleglum Smith…and has me thinking of and through some implications that I will, Lord willing, speak of in the future.